New training armor

Just saw this on CNN

Meet the Lorica, a new suit of high-tech armor named after the armor worn by the Roman legions. It’s made from a blend of lightweight, flexible materials and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a point-of-view camera, a microphone and 52 pressure sensors that send data to an external computer program.

for more info you have to check out The website. Truly awesome to think that one day if it gets released to the public we could use this in airsoft, or at least a chest plate version to track hits.

you can read the story here if you are interested

Understanding the Equipment for Playing Airsoft

If you are a newbie at airsoft, you could be wondering just how much equipment do you need to play airsoft. There are several equipments that are necessary to have before enjoying a game of airsoft. For starters you may need to purchase the basic essentials before building your collections of guns and gear.

Eyewear should be a great concern as damage occurring in the eyes might make one blind or impair their sight permanently. Although protection is important, the overall visibility ought not to be compromised. Finding high end goggles that are able to repel dust and other detriment due to their slick surfaces would be important. They should also be able to resist fog, glare and visibility impairment due to reflections. A good facial mask would also be wonderful to have as it would protect the whole face.

When it comes to clothing, one should consider their concealment and also their visibility against the surrounding terrain. Clothing made from good absorbent material is great as it would be able to draw sweat and the moisture from the body and it is often skin-tight and light-weight. The protection offered by the clothing should also be considered, tighter clothing is the best as it has less impairment and does not impede movement. Camouflaged clothing would be great as it would avoid one from being spotted by the opponents.

An airsoft gun is essential to have and one buys the gun of their choice and the one they are able to afford comfortably. You could research the different types and models of them online in order to choose the best for you. You could also inquire from your fellow airsofters on the best one to buy. You would also need some ammunition for the gun; you should get BBs for the gun. It is advisable to use the right BBs in order to increase the longevity of the gun.

It would also make the game easier to play if you were to get some great tactical gear. You could invest in military like tactical gear which would boost your morale and make the game to be more fun. This tactical gear would include some good strong boots and a holster to hold your pistol as you proceed for the skirmishes with your opponents. A tactical belt would also be great to have as it is easier to retrieve an item kept around the torso area then across the chest during the combat. However, the tactical belts are best used by the more experienced participants.

What to get your Airsoft player as a gift?

So do you have a friend who loves to play Airsoft or perhaps you love to have an Airsoft fun on your spare time? Airsoft is one of the most popular sport, not in only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. To enjoy the game fully, you will need to buy some other gear aside from your gun. This can also be a perfect opportunity to buy a gift for someone you know that loves to play Airsoft. You can purchase them some Airsoft gear. What to get your Airsoft player as a gift? Below are a few of the most important Airsoft gear that you can get for yourself or your friend as a Christmas gift.
Gun Cartridges
Playing with Airsoft is nearly impossible without Gun cartridges. These gun cartridges are CO2 cartridges, which are specifically designed to be used for Airsoft guns and rifles. Keep in mind that it is better that you purchase these cartridges in bulk so you can save money.
Paper Targets
Practice makes perfect, and if someone wants to be good at playing Airsoft, then he or she must have a lot of practice. Among the best practice aids are paper target, and with them an individual can continually hone their skill and become a sharp-shooter, a game changer.
Cleaning Spray
If you want to keep your gun maintained at an optimum level, then regular cleaning is an essential task. Using an Airsoft cleaning spray is the best way to accomplish the task of cleaning your Airsoft gun. Spending money on a gun can be very expensive, it is only logical to keep them maintained so they can be used longer. It is advised that cleaning the gun is essential before every game.
Airsoft Gun Scope
Airsoft is shooting game, and whoever is the most accurate can contribute a lot for the team that will lead to winning games. An Airsoft gun scope is one of the most important add-ons to an Airsoft gun, and it can increase the accuracy of the shooter if done right. Make sure that the gun scope you are thinking of purchasing will fit correctly to the gun.
Airsoft Ammo
No ammo means no Airsoft game; it is that simple. Airsoft guns are played using plastic BBs that serve as an ammunition. These specially designed ammo is meant to be utilized for recreational purposes only. Make sure that the ammunition you are planning to buy is the right type for the gun that is being used.

Airsoft Milsim

Airsoft milsim is a legal sportin which individual players participate in military combat simulation
also known as muslim or law enforcement-style of combat. Airsoft teams get to specialize in historical reenactment that is intended to
imitate characters from the past. It is an immerse experience and it gives the participants the chance of living in recent history. Most
of the Airsoft groups usually have ex-military members who are seeking camaraderie of their past old units without any commitment..
Some of the groups normally support the military charities as part of their daily mission.

Airsoft milsimim has its roots dated back to the late 1980s in East Asia, specifically in Japan where firearms were impossible or difficult to possess due to the local government laws. This prompted people to sought a fully legal alternative so as to enjoy their passion. To date, Airsoft is
still popular in various popular Asian regions including; Japan, Taiwan, Mainland China, South Korea, Macau and Hong Kong. Majority of
aisoft accessories, after market upgrade parts and guns are also manufactured and assembled in the respective countries. The largest
Airsoft groups in Europe and North America are based in Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida and NewJersey. There
are various types of Airsoft guns used including;

Spring-powered Guns

Spring-powered airsoft guns are basically single shot devices that normally use elastic potential energy that is stored in a spring to compress air so as to launch an airsoft pellet in the gun’s barell. The player or user must cock the spring gun prior to firing a shot. They are inexpensive and
are generally more powerful than the electric models.

Automatic Electric Guns

Automatic electric guns typically use rechargeable batteries to drive a single electric motor which cycles an internal spring or piston assembly in order to fire pellets. Automatic, semi-automatic and 3 round burst is made possible hence gives the guns a popular name known as automatic electric guns.
The guns attain high muzzle velocities ranging from 150 to 650 ft per second.

Hybrid Guns

Hybrid guns are the most recent type of airsoft guns in the current market. They are basically Gas blow back guns or standard Automatic electric guns with more powerful features. The Hybrid guns normally use AEG hybrid operation where a magazine is loaded with different shell cases that contain a
single plastic pellet and Gas blow black hybrid operation where a single shell casing is loaded with a 6mm pellet.

10 Great Airsoft Games

Airsoft games are without a doubt the best, they are a great way to have fun, interact, and refresh you in a unique way. Here are 10 Airsoft games you should really try out.

1.  Team Deathmatch
This is the most common Airsoft games and one of the best even now. It basically requires two teams, which play against each other. The team members shoot at their opponents, and once a team member gets hit, he/she goes back to the spawn point. Each team member keeps a record of the hits they make, and the team with the most hits at the end of the game wins.

2.  Escort
There are two teams, one that escorts a person/”president” and another that tries to kill the escort. The escort may be lightly armed. Usually, the killing team goes into hiding when the protesting team is travelling on a normal path and attacks otherwise.

3.  Capture The Flag
There are two teams, and each team tries to take the other’s flag to their base, on condition that the flag is visible when being carried. There are two modes in this game: “the live flag” and “the dead flag.” In live flag, the flag is dropped when the carrier is hit and can be picked up by another carrier. In the other, but has to be returned to the enemy’s base in the other.

Military simulation integrates live action military role playing elements in the Airsoft games. There are missions and objectives assigned to each team, and they may be required to come in uniform to make the scenario appear real.

5.  King Of The Hill
A flag is placed on a hill and one team barricades itself on top of the hill. The other teams try to get to the flag and the team closest to the flag at the end of the time wins.

6.  Demolitions
There are two teams and an object representing a satchel charge. The charge is placed in the middle of the field and each team tries to get the charge to the other’s base. If the charge is not touched by the enemy for the specified period of time, the other team wins. If the carrier is hit, anybody can take the charge.

7.  Officers
There are two teams, one with an officer whom they try to escort to a given point. The other team hides and tries to snipe him. To win the game, the officer has to get hit.

8.  Man Hunt
There are a prey and some hunters. The prey tries to get to a specified location within a given time frame, and the others try to shoot him before he does so.

9.  Commando Raid
There is a small group of commandos, and another of the guards guarding objectives. Each objective should be guarded by an equal number of guards as the commandos. The commandos start off at an insertion/extraction point, and have to get the objectives and make it back to the extraction point, at least 1/3 of them.

10.  Prison Break
There are two teams, one of guards and another of the prisoners. The guards are better armed, and the prisoners try to make their way to a certain place without getting hit. Each prisoner that makes it is a winner.

These 10 Airsoft games will definitely get your adrenaline pumping and you can be guaranteed of fun like no other.